Teri Wipers Multipurpose Clinical Dry Wipes / Towels


Teri Wipers Multi Purpose Dry Wipes 

Tough long lasting wiper.

General purpose reinforced wipe that can be used as a dental surgeons scrub towel, hand towel, tray liner, general wiper, bowl spacer.

  • Tough polyester scrim provides strong wet strength.
  • Soft and gentle on even the most frequently washed hands.

Deposits of dust, soil and microbes on surfaces are a potential source of healthcare associated infection.
The physical removal of micro-organisms and soil by wiping or scrubbing is as important as any antimicrobial effect of the cleaning agent used.
Brand Halyard
Category Cleaning & Disinfecting
Category Disposables
Subcategory Dry Wipes
Subcategory Wipes