Antivet Solution - Enamel Cleaning Kit for Fluorosis & Tooth Stains


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Change Your Patients Life in 3 Minutes! Permanently removes fluorosis stains!
Antivet Kit its the perfect ally for eliminate stains due to fluorosis, smoking cigarette or drinking dark sodas, wine and coffee.
Antivet® kit is also recommended as a pre ortho treatment to have better bracket adhesion in dental pieces affected by fluorosis.

Product Information

Antivet is a one-visit treatment for the removal of brown stains caused by fluorosis and extrinsic stains caused by tobacco smoking. A dental dam is first applied to isolate the teeth, after which the tooth is treated by applying the low-pH enamel cleaning solution to the tooth surface with a brush or cotton pellet, and gently rubbing the solution on the tooth until the stain is removed. The low-pH solution helps to separate the fluoride ions out of the fluorotic area. Following treatment with the enamel cleaning solution, a neutralizing solution is applied for 2 minutes. Antivet is supplied with a 10 ml bottle of enamel cleaning solution and a 10 ml bottle of neutralizing solution, rubber dams, brush applicators, a palette for the solutions, and the manufacturer’s instructions for use.

  • Without abrasion (no need to scrape)
  • Will not damage enamel or structure
  • Simple application
  • Only one session needed
  • Safe
  • Fast - avg. 3m per stain
Subcategory Enamel Stains
Category Restorative & Cosmetic

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