Prophy Cups


144/pack Latch Type, Snap on, Screw Type Webbed Prophy Cups. Non-Latex

  • Soft and flexible Prophy Cups flare and flex to the contours of teeth and aid in selective stain removal and interproximal cleaning with less pressure and operator fatigue!
  • Compatible with a range of polishing agents, such as fluoride and pumice, and can be used for scaling, polishing, and prophylaxis procedures
  • Webbed to retain more polishing material without splashing!

Our 144-pack dental supplies include latch-type, snap-on, and screw-type webbed prophy cups. The cups are made of soft and flexible material that conforms to the contours of the teeth and are reinforced with webs that retain more polishing material without splashing.

They are non-latex and compatible with various polishing agents such as fluoride and pumice to achieve a smooth and shiny finish. These prophy cups are an essential tool in dental cleaning and can help maintain oral health and hygiene while ensuring patient comfort and safety.

Latch-type prophy cups are dental polishing tools used to remove stains and plaque from teeth. They are designed to attach to a dental handpiece using a small latch mechanism, allowing for easy and secure attachment and removal during dental cleanings. 

Snap-on webbed prophy cups are dental polishing tools that easily attach and detach from a handpiece. 

Screw-type webbed prophy cups attach to a dental handpiece using a screw mechanism, which provides a secure fit and prevents the prophy cup from coming loose during the cleaning process. 

Brand Misc
Category Preventative
Subcategory Prophy
Subcategory Prophy Cups & Brushes

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