MES Suction Unit


  • Semi-wet system
  • Low decibel operation
  • Efficient suction technology

When choosing a dental suction unit, it's important to consider how many dental chairs you need to cater for. The number of chairs you have in your practice will determine the size and capacity of the suction unit you need. For instance, if you have multiple chairs, you may want to consider a central suction system that can provide suction to multiple chairs at once, rather than individual units for each chair.

Another important consideration when choosing a dental suction unit is the type of suction system. There are two main types: wet and dry suction systems. Wet suction systems are designed to remove liquids from the mouth, such as saliva and blood, while dry suction systems are more suitable for removing debris and solids. MES suction units offer a combination of wet and dry suction capabilities.

You may also want to consider the level of noise produced by the suction unit, especially if you have a small practice or want to avoid disrupting patients. MES suction units operate at a low noise level, ideal for maintaining a comfortable environment for both the dentist and the patient.

Lastly, it's important to choose a suction unit that is easy to maintain and clean. MES suction units come with removable components for easy cleaning and maintenance.  Purchasing your dental suction unit from a reputable supplier like Adam Dental Supplies ensures you get the very best price with the best followup and aftercare.

Brand MES
Category Equipment
Subcategory Suction Units

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