FKG R-MOTION Reciptrocating Endodontic Files 3/pk


FKG R-Motion® 
Reciprocation Redefined

By leveraging our technical and clinical know-how, we have pushed today's standards in reciprocation to the next level, making R-Motion® not only safer and easy to use, but also far less invasive than competitor systems.

FKG R-Motion Reciprocating Endodontic Files - Precision for Efficient Endodontics!
Introducing FKG R-Motion Reciprocating Endodontic Files, the pinnacle of innovation for root canal treatment, available at Adam Dental Supplies. Elevate your endodontic procedures with the advanced design of R-Motion® that redefines reciprocation, delivering efficiency, precision, and patient comfort.

Key Features:

  • Single-use files: Each FKG R-Motion file is designed for single use, ensuring a hygienic and efficient treatment experience.
  • Reciprocating Motion: R-Motion's reciprocating motion minimizes torsional stress, reducing fatigue on the file and handpiece. This innovative design enhances safety and extends the instrument's lifespan.
  • New identification (only ISO colour)
  • Dual Cutting Edges: Benefit from dual cutting edges that optimize cutting efficiency and debris removal while minimizing the risk of file breakage.
    • Light alternating cutting edges
    • Rounded triangular cross-section
    • optimized reciprocation tip
    • Electrochemical polishing
    • Heat treatment
  • Compatibility: FKG R-Motion is compatible with major rotary endodontic motors offering a reciprocating (counterclockwise) mode, seamlessly integrating into your existing treatment workflows.
  • Easy to Use: With a single-file technique, FKG R-Motion simplifies the treatment process, reducing the need for multiple instruments and enhancing efficiency.
  • Available in 21mm, 25mm, and 31mm lengths


    • Lower Stress on Dentine: The unique R-Motion design minimizes stress on dentine during root canal treatment, promoting patient comfort and safety.

    • Higher Flexibility: Exclusive heat treatment imparts superior flexibility, allowing for effective treatment of a wide range of canal anatomies.

    • Cyclic Fatigue Resistance: FKG R-Motion instruments exhibit high cyclic fatigue resistance, reducing the risk of instrument fracture and enhancing patient safety.

    • Lower Screwing Effect: R-Motion is engineered to reduce the screwing effect, providing better control during canal progression.

    Experience FKG R-Motion Reciprocating Endodontic Files, the ultimate choice for efficient, precise, and comfortable root canal treatment. Designed for dental practitioners in Melbourne, Sydney, Queensland, and all of Australia. Order now to elevate your endodontic practice with precision and excellence.


    Lower Stress on Dentine
    The exclusive R-Motion® design and thinner core size significantly reduces the stress on dentine during root canal treatment.
    Higher Flexibility
    Thanks to an exclusive heat treatment process, recognizable by the blue color of the instrument, R-motion® offers improved flexibility enabling clinicians to treat a wide range of canal anatomies.
    Greater Resistance to Cyclic Fatigue
    R-Motion instruments have a high resistance to cyclic fatigue through our proprietary heat treatment. Higher cyclic fatigue resistance is known to reduce the risk of instrument fracture, hence improving patient safety.
    Lower Screwing Effect
    R-Motion® is designed to reduce the screwing effect, allowing the clinician to have better control of the progression in the canal.


    Which parameters should be applied to R-Motion® (angles & speed)?
    R-Motion® files have been designed and can be used with standard and reciprocating modes in existing motors (CCW >> CW). 

    Can I use R-Motion® files on OTR (Optimum Torque Reverse) motion?
    OTR motion is not recommended by FKG for the use of R-Motion® files.

    Does R-Motion® have a constant or variable taper?
    R-Motion® Glider has a taper of 3% from the tip to 9mm, then 6%. R-Motion® shaping files have a constant taper.

    Which Cross Section for R-Motion?
    Rounded triangular cross-section in all instruments.
    Product Information

    FKG Reciprocation Hand Files are innovative dental tools that offer several benefits for endodontic treatment. Here are some of the key features and advantages of the FKG Reciprocation Hand File:

    1. Dual cutting edges: The FKG Reciprocation Hand File has dual cutting edges, which allows for efficient cutting and debris removal while minimizing the risk of file breakage.

    2. Reciprocating motion: The reciprocating motion of the FKG Reciprocation Hand File is designed to reduce torsional stress and fatigue on the file and the handpiece, which helps to minimize the risk of file separation and extends the life of the instrument.

    3. Compatibility: The FKG Reciprocation Hand File is compatible with most major rotary endodontic motors, making it easy to incorporate into existing treatment workflows.

    4. Easy to use: The FKG Reciprocation Hand File is designed to be easy to use, with a single-file technique that reduces the number of instruments required for endodontic treatment and simplifies the treatment process.

    5. Safe and effective: The FKG Reciprocation Hand File is designed to be safe and effective, with precise cutting and shaping capabilities that allow for thorough cleaning of the root canal and efficient removal of debris.

    Overall, the FKG Reciprocation Hand File is a high-quality dental tool that offers a range of benefits for endodontic treatment. Its dual cutting edges, reciprocating motion, compatibility, ease of use, and safety make it a popular choice among dental professionals who want to provide their patients with efficient, effective, and comfortable endodontic treatment.

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