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The company's mission is to successfully deliver to customers high-quality, cost-effective products and services on time, every time. To fulfil the mission, the policy is to maintain a practical but comprehensive Quality System based on its stated commitment to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.The policy embraces the following key principles:

  • The satisfaction of customers, both external and internal, shall be the primary focus of the quality management activities.

  • Consistently meeting or exceeding our customer's expectations for product quality, delivery and performance.

  • Systems and controls shall be prevention based to foster more effective decision-making.

  • Suppliers are integral to the quality process and company staff shall work closely with them to meet customers’ needs.

  • Staff shall be encouraged and empowered to participate in quality improvement activities through teamwork and focused task groups.

  • All staff shall have individual responsibility for understanding and applying this Quality policy in the performance of their tasks.

  • Company management is fully committed to its Quality Policy through active participation in quality improvement activities and leadership by example.                                            

Certified ISO001

ISO 9000:2015 describes the fundamental concepts and principles of quality management which are universally applicable to the following:

  • organizations seeking sustained success through the implementation of a quality management system;
  • customers seeking confidence in an organization's ability to consistently provide products and services conforming to their requirements;
  • organizations seeking confidence in their supply chain that their product and service requirements will be met;
  • organizations and interested parties seeking to improve communication through a common understanding of the vocabulary used in quality management;
  • organizations performing conformity assessments against the requirements of ISO 9001;
  • providers of training, assessment or advice in quality management;
  • developers of related standards.
  • ISO 9000:2015 specifies the terms and definitions that apply to all quality management and quality management system standards developed by ISO/TC 176.